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Steampunky science

Steampunk rockstar scientist posters created by Megan Lee, and sold as high quality art prints via her Etsy shop. Have a look at the full set in her Flickr gallery. They’re really far too awesome for words!

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Pluto’s miniature family

Pluto has a new moon! Freshly released today, the latest news from Hubble is that we now know of 5 natural satellites circling around the king of the dwarf planets. The latest discovery is between 10-25 km in diameter, with … Continue reading

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Ground up moon rocks are pure poison?

Universe Today has a rather interesting article today, all about how moon dust may be harmful to humans. And it’s an interesting thing to consider. While not every world is as obviously lethal as Venus, any other place where human … Continue reading

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Astrotropes: Humanoid Aliens

This trope is used all the time. It’s incredibly rare for it not to be used, in fact. And I must say, it’s one thing which I frequently find disappointing about sci fi. I am, of course, talking about the … Continue reading

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Milkshake lake

Because we’re all surrounded by plants, we tend to have the association between photosynthesis and green things. While this is certainly true for most phototrophic life on Earth, it isn’t always the case. Every now and again, you find something … Continue reading

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Let’s get relativistic

I’d just like to take a minute to explain why Randall Munroe of XKCD is awesome. Again. You see, XKCD’s latest iteration is a site called What If? which attempts to answer hypothetical questions with physics. For science! The first … Continue reading

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❝ Oddly enough the overriding sensation I got looking at the earth was, ‘my god that little thing is so fragile out there’.❞ Michael Collins, Apollo 11

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There’s a beautiful Earth out tonight…

Here on Earth, poets and artists have been inspired for centuries by the beauty of a clear moonlit night. Perhaps it won’t be too much longer before they’re similarly inspired by a clear Earthlit night. A lunar night bathed in … Continue reading

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This island Earth

Is this a map of another planet? Or perhaps a fictitious map of an imaginary world, the likes of Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls? Nope. It may take you a few moments to recognise it, but this is Earth. This … Continue reading

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Peter Higgs and the Chocolate Cookie

“Picture the scene: Geordie boy Prof Peter Higgs steps out of the lecture theatre into the refreshments area, hoping to get to the coffee and those delicious chocolate cookies. Unfortunately, he is besieged by a throng of clamouring scientists, hacks … Continue reading

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