Most gamers will probably recognise Space Core from Portal 2 by now – and thanks to an anonymous NASA technician, he’s getting his dream of being in space. The little image of Space Core (or is it Wheatley?) in the above photo has been laser engraved onto that mustard yellow panel, which is now a part of one of the Japanese HTV-3 supply craft. And yes it is now, in fact, in space. The HTV-3 is an unmanned vehicle which is set to make frequent journeys to transport equipment to and from the ISS. With Space Core on board. Kinda.

As an aside, I much prefer the Japanese name for the HTV-3. In Japan, where people still give things names, it goes by the name of Kounotori 3 (こうのとり3号機) which translates loosely as white stork.

With a tip of the hat to collectSPACE for robotic chicanery!

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