Asteroids do not concern me, general.

Darth Vader was unimpressed by asteroids. Which, I suppose, is natural when you’re a sith lord. However, a lot of people find them rather interesting indeed. So if you’re one of those people, you might be interested to have a look at a site I was given a heads-up about called

Essentially, you can glance over and compare whatever set of asteroids takes your fancy, whether your interest was piqued when you found one in the Galaxy Zoo data, or you’re just idly curious like me. Really, there’s a surprising amount of data in here, including physical size, orbital characteristics, and even things like albedo and spectral type – at least where those data are available. If you’re a fan of space rocks, you’d be well advised to have a glance.

I have no idea who to credit for this image, as it seems to be all over the internet. The first place I saw it myself was on Strobel’s Astronomy Notes.

Actually, the main reason why I’m including this particular image is because of a faintly amusing anecdote. A few years ago, one of those silly tests was drifting around Facebook called “Which astronomical object are you?” Lots of people were taking it and getting big shiny things like the Andromeda Galaxy, Sirius, and the Orion Nebula. So a friend of mine took the test. She got Mathilde here. This did not make her happy.

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