Self archaeology

There now follows a brief interlude of silliness, following my decision to tidy my desk. A tidy desk also means I have space to put things, can set my coffee down without making a circle on any papers, and have a nice ordered stack of thesis chapter drafts. That last one is so that they’ll intimidate me until I take care of them so that I can throw them in the recycling.

In the meantime, there were a number of faintly entertaining things which I found on my desk. Here are some of them. Everything that follows in this post was written down on a scrap of paper or a post-it and left, by me (or in a couple of cases by other people), on my desk. Some have been here for some time. Some even appear to be from my previous desk in my previous office!

I hope you find them as entertaining as I did…

Maximum overlap method

remember to e-mail people about stuff!

eV                str
1.538      0.0772
2.0602    0.102
2.482      0.016

Robert Resnick – Special Relativity

Egg Nebula

There’s nothing interesting under here!

IAU – conference fee

Bert & Ernie
(serial numbers)

(several unnamed IP addresses)


(an unlabelled international phone number with a country code I don’t recognise)

19.29 µm!

Calculate all the things!

(a list of what appear to be estimated prices for conference-related costs)

Δ = 0.041 eV

Van Hove transitions!!

atypical PAHs
– Titan!

Goebel, J.H. & Moseley, S.H.
1985, ApJ, 290, L35

Do check those calculations, won’t you?


HCN 14.04 µm

Dihedral angles

(A thesis request card from the library)

Imagination is more important than knowledge :)

Stuff to look @
NGC 7538
IRAS 20275+4001
SH 2-140 IRS

C₂ (0,0)
5165.276 Å
C₂ (1,0)
4735.821 Å

download the level 3 data!

Master flat – flatflat.fits

discount time
accepted → not accepted

(some text, scrawled in an alphabet which resembles Avestan)

Atypical PAHs

1 @ 906

Go home.

13.7 µm – QPR
→ acetylene
(also @ 7.5 µm – no Q)

3400 – 3671 Å
3658 –  3944 Å
3958 – 4196  Å
(± 30 Å)
0.127 arcsec/px

tan θ ⋅ adj = opp

7.7 | 9.1
21 | :33

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