Peter Higgs and the Chocolate Cookie

“Picture the scene: Geordie boy Prof Peter Higgs steps out of the lecture theatre into the refreshments area, hoping to get to the coffee and those delicious chocolate cookies. Unfortunately, he is besieged by a throng of clamouring scientists, hacks and hangers-on. He keeps his eye on the biscuit tray but nods and chats to his peers as he proceeds slowly, attracting a bigger and bigger crowd, signing autographs, fielding questions as he goes. The “field” of hangers-on – the Higgs bosons – slows Prof Higgs in his quest to move from lecture theatre door to the refreshments. It’s as if he is now so massive he can barely move, there are so many Higgs bosons surrounding the Prof.

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This amusingly good little analogy was reblogged from David Bradley at Sciencebase. I’d love to take credit for it, but I can’t, so if you liked it, you should go and tell him so!

Also, the photograph is from Sweet Amandine, who also gives a rather delicious sounding cookie recipe!

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