While perhaps a certain XKCD comic last week might have been a touch harsh, it did rather have a point. Actually two. Because it’s true that if, as all of those crackpots moon hoaxers imply, we didn’t actually land on the Moon, then it surely wouldn’t have been difficult in the slightest to fake a few more than 7 Moon landings. And for that matter, why fake Apollo 13 at all? Honestly, I don’t know if people who genuinely believe that the Moon landings were faked are hilarious or tragic. Or both.

But more poigniant still is the alt text on that comic panel. Because it’s true – and really, think about this for a minute – if the Earth were the size of a basketball, no human being has travelled further than one inch from its surface in 40 years. Yes, that’s an accurate scale comparison. And yes, low Earth orbit where the ISS can be found really is that close. If I was to hop on a train to London, I’ll be travelling a distance further than the distance to low Earth orbit. And the UK really isn’t that big…

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