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The Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is celebrating it’s current heroes – a litter of Scottish Wildcat kittens! Scottish Wildcats are a perilously endangered species, with only around 400 estimated to currently be alive in the wild. Some consider the … Continue reading

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Jovian Hula

There are still a lot of people who don’t realise that Jupiter has rings. But here they are, illuminated in their full glory! This is an image of a solar eclipse, as it would be seen from the largest of … Continue reading

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Yo no hablo muy bien español. En realidad, casi no hablar cualquier. Así que me disculpo, pero no voy a ser muy elocuente aquí. Si usted está en Twitter, disfrutar la ciencia, y hablo español – seguir @Ciencia140. Es exactamente como Science 140 (que menciona previamente), … Continue reading

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Black and White

Iapetus, Saturn’s third largest moon, is a total enigma. For a start, it’s a strange walnut shape. Secondly, it seems to have a surface purely rendered in black and white. It looks a bit like snow on a mountaintop back … Continue reading

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Lots of people, scientists and writers of fiction, have hypothesised what life on another world may be like. Indeed, with the idea that a world like Europa may have a hidden ocean locked inside its icy shell, it’s all too … Continue reading

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What’s a galaxy?

Every now and again, in casual conversation, someone asks something which catches me off guard briefly. Earlier today over a coffee, I was asked just such a question. After years of doing what I do and hearing all sorts of … Continue reading

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Examen ex machina

So the latest stage in the saga of Invader-Xan-has-no-funding-left has shown me yet another side to the University machine. This time of year brings a plethora of miscellaneous opportunities to work and get bonus income in the educational sector. You … Continue reading

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The most dangerous job in the galaxy

I remember once having one of those rambly post-pub conversations with a friend about how someone should write a sci fi sitcom about all the red shirt guys in star trek while they were off duty. You know… Just hanging … Continue reading

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Do you remember Midori-San, the japanese blogging plant? Because it has a companion now! The latest in sociable vegetables goes by the name of AstroZ, and you can find out more about its life on its own twitter feed at … Continue reading

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Ice Giants

I just have to post these. Because they’re gorgeous. These images were posted to twitter a couple of weeks ago by Mike Brown, during an observing run at Keck. First up, this is Uranus, taken with a narrowband infrared filter … Continue reading

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