A plethora of planets!

A couple of days ago, the slightly awesome Randall Monroe of XKCD made an infographic of all 786 confirmed exoplanets. To scale. Be careful. The amazingness of something like this actually needs a warning label.

Something like this really puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? Earth is barely visible in the box near the centre of the graphic. And let me just remind you that all of these are certainly only a tiny percentage of the ones that exist in the tiny fraction of the sky where we’ve been looking. Our galaxy is teeming with planets. If it turns out that ours is the only one with life on it, I’ll eat my entire collection of hats. Or do something even more drastic, like… I don’t know… start working with photometric redshifts or become a biologist or something. I know, right? That’s how certain I am!

To make things even more awesome, codementum @ visual.ly has created an interactive version which gives info on the planets themselves!

 Even the trilby. And I love that trilby. Also, I have a feeling I’d struggle with the panama but at least it would have plenty of fibre.

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