Soviet Space Art

The Soviet Union were brilliant. Well, at least they were in some ways. Sure, they got a fair few things really quite wrong and messed a few things up badly which eventually led to their undoing, but I’ve always admired a few of the things they tried to do. Scientifically, several Soviet projects were driven purely by the motivation of seeing how much they could accomplish – projects like attempting to drill through Earth’s crust purely to see what they might find. With a penchant for grandiose monuments and a culture which embraced art, the Soviets left behind a legacy of beautiful aesthetics.

Amongst the finest of those aesthetics are an impressive amount of retro-futuristic art. The Soviets dreamed big. And they liked to portray those dreams in fantastic artwork like these pieces here. Interestingly, amongst the images I picked out to post here, there are a couple of things apparent. For one, Andrey Sokolov’s image showing starships travelling to the Orion Nebula. Serious depictions of interstellar travel are rare these days. Also, the final image (TM cover from 1953) shows two lunar cosmonauts who are quite clearly female. In an era where blind oppressive chauvinism littered the minds of most of the world, the Soviet Union was, at least in principle, refreshingly fond of gender equality.

A veritable treasure trove of Soviet Retro-futurism can be enjoyed at Dark Roasted Blend, which is also my source for these gorgeous images!


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