Tomorrow is Gone

This, which I probably should have posted first, is the inspiration I had behind writing this.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s speech. “We Stopped Dreaming.”
I have a lot of things I could say to this, but I’m not going to. Not this time. I have nothing I can add to what’s said in these short videos.

Just watch. And watch the next. Be inspired in the way that only Neil Tyson can inspire people. Share the indignation at those who led us all to stop dreaming.

And consider signing the petition at

(Tip of the space helmet, again, to Joe at It’s Okay to be Smart for the video. In fact, if you like reading my blog, you should probably read his blog too. Because it’s really rather good. Yes.)


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2 Responses to Tomorrow is Gone

  1. Kurt Griffith says:

    These are extraordinarily articulate expression of grumbling rants I have harbored for a long time now. The defunding of NASA and the abandonment of the Manned Space Program represents turning our backs on any kind of ACTUAL “American Exceptionalism.” I’ve seen this in the discrediting of Science and engineering, and an almost vicious anti-intellectualism in our Nation. The noise in the political and economic media about “when we get back to… ” seems to be all about the sustaining of the status quo that wants nothing to do with anything having to do with “Tomorrow” beyond the next financial quarter of election.

    • invaderxan says:

      Neil Tyson says it all so eloquently, doesn’t he? I know what you mean – because I’ve also been grumbling about the same things for some time now. It’s silly and short sighted. I really hope people start to realise soon that it’s worth looking at things which will last longer than 4 years – and indeed, I hope that any such long term goals don’t get axed immediately by any newcomers intending on diverting the funds to their pet projects…

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