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Yes, Titan’s upper atmosphere really is purple! Seen from Titan, Saturn would appear around 10.5 times as large as the full moon does from Earth. Apparent angular size is given by the equation;

θ = 2 ⋅ arctan (r/d)

Taking the average radius (r) of Saturn to be 58232 km and the average distance (d) from Saturn to Titan to be 1.22 million km, plugging the values into that equation gives an angular size of 5.46°. Viewed from Earth, the Moon has an average angular size of 0.52°.

And incidentally, with a combination of low gravity and dense atmosphere, air travel would probably be extremely efficient on Titan!

Source image credits:
Saturn Rings – NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Saturn Globe –  NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Window – Misstock @ deviantART
Clouds – manandjstocks @ deviantART
Model – Eirian-stock @ deviantART

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