Keep dreaming

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We live in a pretty special time in human history.

Perhaps we were born too late to be true explorers or pioneers here on planet Earth. Perhaps we were born too early to be true explorers or pioneers across the solar system. But our role could not possibly be less important.

Our role is to dream. Our dreams must be big and bold. Our dreams must be expansive and inspiring. Most of all, our dreams must be without limit, because the world in which we live no longer has any limit.

We were all expecting a revolution in the future. Flying cars, robot housemaids, meals in capsule form, hoverboards and self-cleaning furniture. We’ve allowed ourselves to become so caught up in what we expected the future to be that while we weren’t looking, the future has happened around us.

We live in a world where people build rockets and travel to space stations. A world where astronomical events are viewed simultaneously from locations all across the globe. A world where whole libraries can be made pocket sized. A world where people set out to mine asteroids. A world where we can have live video conversations with people on the other side of the planet on pocket sized devices. A world where the first steps taken on Mars are set to be televised. A world where we know the Universe around us, from the tiniest to the mightiest scales, in unimaginable detail.

Our most important task now is to dream. Imagination is humanity’s greatest strength. Imagination is what drives us to keep looking further. To keep moving forward. To one day walk among the stars. Our dreams define us.

The sky has not been the limit for quite some time now. So whatever you do, always keep dreaming. Never ever allow yourself to stop.

Source image credits:
Saturn rings – NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Saturn globe – NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Window – Misstock @ deviantART
Clouds – manandjstocks @ deviantART
Model – Eirian-stock @ deviantART

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  4. john says:

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