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Hello there, Venus!

Planet Venus is now transiting the Sun. Right now. Watching something like this live is just incredibly exciting. And thanks to the internet, I can watch this live and hear people talking about it from several parts of the world … Continue reading

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Space Ice!

Well this is really quite fascinating. NASA Astronaut Don Pettit, currently aboard the ISS a few hundred kilometres above Earth’s surface, does what any curious human being would do in his place. He does cool things that you can only … Continue reading

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African Cosmos

It being June now, the exhibition African Cosmos: Stellar Arts is now open at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. I’d love to go and see it myself, but unfortunately I’m slightly in the wrong country. Ho hum. All the … Continue reading

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In Transit

Tomorrow, a rather magical astronomical event shall occur. From 05/06 at 23:04 BST to 06/06 at 05:55 BST, Venus will transit the Sun. In astronomy, this is an incredibly rare and rather wonderful occurrence. In fact, this is only the … Continue reading

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