Here be Dragons!

Just a quick post, because I’m supposed to be doing something else right now… But it isn’t every day you get to watch history being made, streamed live over the internet.

As I type this, the SpaceX Dragon capsule is in the process of docking with the ISS, in orbit high above our heads. It isn’t yet fully berthed, but it has now been captured by the robot arm of the ISS to help guide it into place. Currently, they’re still running a few checks prior to docking. All the same, capturing the dragon with the robot arm was a historic moment in itself, bringing about jubilation in the control room and prompting astronaut Don Pettit (who was operating the arm at the time) to utter a phrase which should almost certainly go down in history: “Houston, it looks like we’ve got us a dragon by the tail.”

All in all, SpaceX’s dragon is turning out to be a highly capable little craft. SpaceX are such an inspiration to me…

“It’s a beautiful day in space.”

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