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I don’t even

Ugh… I’m just going to cut this one immediately, so anyone who doesn’t want to hear me whining about wavelength calibration can go on about their business!

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The Wisdom in X-rays

I’m genuinely honoured to have a guest blog post today in Nature’s Soapbox Science blog about the repurcussions of the recent plug being pulled on the ATHENA X-ray telescope. I’m quite proud of this one. Please do go over and … Continue reading

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Space Dragon!

In other news, SpaceX has officially made history. The Dragon capsule is currently in orbit around planet Earth. The first orbital spacecraft the world has ever known, which was fully developed and launched by a private company. We may not … Continue reading

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Top 10 Toxic Hydrides

So I wanted to write a post for the Toxic Carnival but found myself not entirely sure what to write about. I mean… I don’t know a huge amount about cool biogenic toxins like tetrodotoxin. Or unicorns, for that matter. … Continue reading

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