Old data, new data

In other news, the thesis is going pretty well. I really need to force myself to reduce a bunch of data and then write about it. Unfortunately, that’s the dull part. Planning things is fun. Analysing things is fun. Drawing conclusions and inferences is fun. Taking data and making it useable? That’s frankly rather tedious, and it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to do it. I just need to focus on the end result. That’s all.

Speaking of planning things, just to prove that the world doesn’t stop turning during thesis time, I’ve had another proposal accepted! Yay! And the good news is that I don’t actually have much more to do on it. Due to a blunder on my part, I did far too much work for this during the phase I stage. For those who don’t know, normally planning out all of the specifics of the observation (exposure times, instrument setups, etc) doesn’t happen till phase II. But I guess I don’t actually need to do very much more of that. Because I already did it. It’s almost tempting to say that I planned it that way.

Also, it’s quite cathartic when taking a break, to write something that doesn’t have to be extremely formal, and which doesn’t require every statement to have a reference. Blogging, it seems, is a good way to vent.

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