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24 Hour Planet

(click to aggrandise!) This is possibly one of the most gorgeous photographs I’ve ever seen. I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but this time I really mean it. This is a 360° panorama over 24 hours, with both star and … Continue reading

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Gari is the thin-sliced pickled ginger normally served with sushi. It’s normal when eating sushi, to take a piece of gari between different dishes in order to cleanse the palate, allowing the full flavours of each separate dish to be … Continue reading

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Testing life’s metal

I’ve always been a huge fan of alternative biochemistries. Because as marvellous as we terrestrial lifeforms are with our amino acids and our sugar phosphate self-replicating polymers, there’s got to be more than one way to skin this particular catfish★. … Continue reading

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