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It’s unfortunate that there’s no easy way to blackout my blog in protest. Stop SOPA and PIPA. Or watch the web be ruined. 5AN4KU4DAEER

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α α α!

This Universe is full of carbon. Well… Not full really. I mean, technically it’s mostly full of absolutely nothing, closely followed by dark energy and dark matter… and if we’re talking about things we can see, then it’s mostly full … Continue reading

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Messier 51 is a rather pretty spiral galaxy, sometimes known as the Whirlpool Galaxy. Unfortunately, as a spiral galaxy is basically a big swirly thing, there are a few others which people mis-identify as “whirlpool galaxy” too. The real whirlpool … Continue reading

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Secret Oceans and Hidden Lakes

I’ve written surprisingly little here about Europa. Surprising, because it’s easily one of the most interesting objects in our solar system. Perhaps I have a habit of favouring the underdogs, but if there’s any other place in the solar system … Continue reading

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