The time has come. The time to actually start being serious about writing a rather large and technical book, so that hopefully it might end up being used as more than just a doorstop. Thesis time is universally dreaded by PhD students everywhere, due to the tendency for people to crack and fall to pieces under all the stress. I’ve seen it happen, and it isn’t pretty. I’m naively hoping I might avoid the same fate, but frankly I have no idea. In the meantime, I have a small mountain of things to do. Hopefully I might even be able to do some of them.

So while this is going on, when I do write in this blog (and let’s face it, I’ve been pretty crap at blogging for the past year or so), I’ll probably be frequently going back to basics and using it the way it was originally intended to be used — as a way of keeping track of interesting and useful researchy things. Things I may need to refer to. Because this blog is the single most useful thing I ever made, for keeping track of random information…

In other news, I’m becoming increasingly disenamoured with Livejournal as a host for my blog. It seems to be perpetually under DDoS attacks, and has a habit of being horrifically slow or just down whenever I use it. Maybe WordPress would be better…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hear ya…
    That looks somewhat like my to-do list.

  2. maxdwolf says:

    I still like Livejournal
    …even though I’m hardly ever hear. It has a more personal feel, which I like. But other sites likely would be better for blogging.
    Everyone seems to like WordPress. I haven’t cared for what I’ve seen so far. But then I’m an iconoclast, curmudgeon and luddite, so not a good source for advice on technology matters.

  3. tatjna says:

    I think you’ve just struck bad times. I think LJ’s been DDoSed majorly three times this year. Only one of those times lasted more than a day. The rest of the time it’s been fine, and I’m here every day.
    As for which is better, I have blogs on both and I find this format much simpler to use and more customisable, especially if you’re having ongoing discussions. But really, it’s much of a muchness. I would miss you if you stopped posting here.

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