In other news, happy π day to one and all!

(As well as a happy birthday to the late great Albert Einstein!)

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4 Responses to π!

  1. byakuya_chan says:

    I had to go and look up what the hell planck time was. xD But yeah, I can understand that; since it goes on forever, there’s really no way to round it out to some small number, finite number without it being inaccurate.
    (Forgive me if I happened to have messed that up, though. Still learning. :/ )

  2. invaderxan says:

    While technically π is a real number it would imply that there should be an infinitessimally small quantity of time where it would be exactly π day. However, π is an infinite and random sequence, so it could only ever be measured down to the nearest unit of planck time. Attempting to measure more accurately than that would have no meaning in our Universe.
    So I guess I’m both agreeing and disagreeing with you. :P

  3. byakuya_chan says:

    Exactly to what decimal? There’s only an infinite stream of them, and where you are on the Earth causes it to vary even further.
    (Yes, I am one of the people that is irrationally (I see what you did there, comic-maker) difficult to please. And finds pi nonsensical.)
    I always preferred e, anyways.

  4. Yes, but at some time around quarter to two today it will be exact.

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