Cuddly molecules

Just what you’ve always wanted! A nice big caffeine molecule to cuddle to sleep. Or… cuddle into wakefulness?

Even if you’re a person sensitive to caffeine, there are a host of lovely crocheted molecules for sale at the Prim and Plush Etsy shop, including nucleobases, cycloalkanes and several cute little methane molecules.

Aren’t they adorably covalent?

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12 Responses to Cuddly molecules

  1. invaderxan says:

    Me too!

  2. invaderxan says:

    The little scarf just makes it awesome. :)

  3. invaderxan says:

    …what a pity. :

  4. invaderxan says:

    Hell yeah!

  5. invaderxan says:

    I just knew you’d like these! I kinda want one. And when I say one, I mean several of them!

  6. invaderxan says:

    Re: I know people who are going to love this
    If you decide to give it a go, do let me know how you get one!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Adorable, I want one ;)

  8. I think my favorite might be the three phases of water.

  9. sandalfon says:

    My mom taught me to crochet years and years ago. I loved making things and would create my own things without a pattern. I made my own tree top angels, oreo cookie magnets and things such as that. With problems with my right hand, the crocheting has gone way of the no-longer do things.
    I do appreciate the works of others.

  10. madsophia says:

    this is badass!!

  11. Love it! Especially since I appreciate the detail needed to crochet something like this! :)

  12. maxdwolf says:

    I know people who are going to love this
    I’ve recently learned the basics of crochet. Still a ways from attempting this.

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