To be honest, the (somewhat ominous) satellite image of Eyjafjallajökull shortly after its eruption doesn’t exactly instill hope…

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  1. cosmorama says:

    Looks like he’s sneezing…and it did (the volcano). haha.

  2. orthoflame says:

    Oh whoa. It reminds me of a jack-o’-lantern my neighbor made last Halloween. And most of all… IT’S EBIL!! D:
    (Jokes aside, that’s pretty darn interesting, and oddly appropriate too.)

  3. invaderxan says:

    And it wants to eat your soul!

  4. invaderxan says:


  5. 6_bleen_7 says:

    It’s evil, I tells ya! EEEEVIL!

  6. es_skysurfer says:

    Jesus. F***ing. Christ.
    Yeah, i didnt need to sleep for the next few years anyway lol

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