Incidentally, I would write more, but sadly I don’t have much time for blogging at the moment. I’m still in the midst of writing this report. 5000-10000. Everything I’ve done over the past year. Well, the good news is that it turns out I’ve actually done rather a lot this year. The bad news…? I’m sure that should be self evident.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

(Actually, it’s looking pretty good at the moment, if I do say so myself…)

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Molecular astrophysicist, usually found writing frenziedly, staring at the sky, or drinking mojitos.
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2 Responses to Reportage

  1. invaderxan says:

    Oh, a combination of things, really…
    I fastidiously keep a scruffy-looking “lab” notebook which contains my data and ideas (from the logical to the extravagant). I say “lab” because I’m primarily a theoretician, so I keep all of my data archived on the supercomputing servers. Also, I like to write things up when I can, so I have one published paper and one and a half unpublished papers to refer to at present.
    Amusingly, this Livejournal is quite a nice place to keep track of things. Certain interesting papers I’ve posted about in here have eventually found their way into my references section before.

  2. sandalfon says:

    Do you remember all those things or do you keep a journal to turn to? I’m glad it’s going well for you.

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