Reportage #2

I’m gearing up for the final push with this report now. It’s about half an hour away from New Year’s Eve and I’m sorting through references. Most people would consider this some breed of madness, but I live in the world of academia and this is the life I have chosen. I stand resolute. Anyone familiar with the ebb and flow of university life can, I’m sure, sympathise.

Right now, I’m just picking up the pieces. Filling in all the references I need to fill in (63 and counting), making and finishing figures (6 diagrams and 37 electronic excitation spectra in total) and adding pertinent arguments to my discussion section. I intend to do what I can for now. The true final push happens when I get home. This will probably involve being conscious for over 24 hours, and if it goes according to plan, I should be finished by the evening before I need to submit it.

To be honest, sometimes you need to work hard to do these things. But they’re so worth it. I really do love writing, and it’s inherently gratifying to formlise your own work in written form. I suspect I’ll be spending a large proportion of this year writing one thing or another. In a year’s time, I’ll probably be starting to plan out my thesis. There’s a scary thought if ever there was one…

EDIT– You know you’ve been spending a ot of time writing when you have a nervous tick of periodically hitting command-S. Thanks Firefox, but I don’t really want to save update.bml. Don’t mind me…

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