Twenty nine, 二十九, XXIX, 廿九, 11101 is a Størmer number, a Markov number, the fourth primorial prime number, a tetranacci number, and a Perrin number. It’s also the atomic number of copper and the mass of the second most stable isotope of silicon.

NGC 29 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. Messier 29 is a faint open star cluster in Cygnus.

I’m now 29. I think I’m going to start giving people my age in hex. That way, I’m only 1D…

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Molecular astrophysicist, usually found writing frenziedly, staring at the sky, or drinking mojitos.
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  1. sandalfon says:

    Excercising is very very limited for me now. I’ve been disabled for well over 20 years, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, a minor stroke last December that also produced Peripheral Neuropathy, insulin needed Diabetes, and I have a long list of other things too. I really don’t mind that I got a bucket full dumped on me, I just have a lot of limitations that I have to live within. My legs are the worse, the fimromyalgia really is bad throughout the muscles, also in my shoulders and arms at times.
    These limitations have taught me a huge deal in respect and considerations for others with such problems. So there is no pitty for the lack of things that I used to be able to do.

  2. invaderxan says:

    Peripheral neuropathy… That’s rather unpleasant. :
    Jewellery making sounds very fun though. It’s one of a myriad things which, to be honest, I’d love to try my hand at if only I had the spare money and time. Steampunk jewellery, in particular, I find rather appealing…
    As for things to generally keep your arm excercised, I don’t suppose you’ve ever considered poi or contact juggling or some other such circus-esque shenanigans? I find them great for focussing the mind and keeping myself limber.
    And thanks again. I’m glad you enjoy what I write. :)

  3. sandalfon says:

    You are so right, things are never too late. I have Peripheral Neuropathy in my right arm and hand. My arm is much better and only a portion of it hurts from cold air. My hand is worse and my fingertips are numb and tingling all the time. So I’ve decided on new things that will help me keep them excercized more than just typing on the computer. I am an artist but haven’t done much in awhile, so I want to buy some new things to work with and go to the community college and ask for some of their metal and plexiglass shavings, they are great for dimensional pictures. I also want to go to thrift stores and buy old watches and stuff to make jewelry with to sell online. I can do some nice things, I used to make jewelry just not with these parts and this will be great fun. I have a soldering iron and I could get some gold and silver solder for the jewelry.
    I love your journal and having you as an online friend, so much interest and beauty in your words. (Whoops, I almost typed “worlds” instead of words, what a slip huh.)

  4. invaderxan says:

    62? Hmmm… A nontotient, the eighteenth discreet semiprime, and the atomic number of Samarium. In hex, you’re only 3E. :)

  5. invaderxan says:

    I guess it’s easy to slip into wistfulness, particularly in the days before the new year. Ah, but you know… In the world of intellectual pursuits, it’s never too late, per se. :)
    And thank you.

  6. invaderxan says:

    It’s 18 over here. I’m safe. ;)

  7. invaderxan says:

    Haha! I like that. In fact, it works just as well thinking about it in astronomical terms! :)

  8. invaderxan says:

    Popular chap, Ramanujan.
    (I love mathematical trivia!)

  9. invaderxan says:

    I’ve often thought that I’d enjoy the hobbit lifestyle. Plus, I’m from what is, in my experience, the one place in the world most similar to The Shire. ;)

  10. invaderxan says:

    Thank you :)

  11. invaderxan says:

    Why thank you. Actually, it was rather a quiet one this year. Relaxing, though…

  12. invaderxan says:

    I guess I keep racking up the exp, huh?

  13. invaderxan says:

    Why thank you. :D
    I must admit, I didn’t realise 29 was such an interesting number. I was impressed last year by 28
    (This is becoming a tradition, I feel)

  14. sandalfon says:

    PS: Forgot to tell you that I’m 62 years old.

  15. sandalfon says:

    I totally love that you compared in so many ways. But you’re still just a spring chicken, oh how I wish I could go back in time and change certain things so I could really have had better and much more fun choices.
    I truly hope you had a great birthday.

  16. I’m now 29. I think I’m going to start giving people my age in hex. That way, I’m only 1D… And in only four years you’ll be the US drinking age! (Don’t know what it is over there)
    Happy Uterus Escape Day!

  17. Happy birthday. Whenever I start worrying that I’m getting old I just try to consider my age in geological terms and then I’m a veritable spring chicken!

  18. nedu says:

    This reminds me of “Every positive integer is one of Ramanujan’s personal friends.”

  19. 6_bleen_7 says:

    Happy Birthday! If you were a hobbit, you’d be still in your “tweens” (a word that Tolkien used decades before it was co-opted as a label for preadolescent girls) and four years before your coming of age.

  20. Happy Birthday to you!!

  21. Happy birthday! Hope it was a great one.

  22. nimblenimbus says:

    Congratulations on leveling up

  23. orthoflame says:

    Heeey, happy birthday, dude! :D You’re now another year older and another year smarter!
    Wow, I didn’t know there was so much to the number 29. I guess that makes this birthday a little more special?

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