So I have a nice little shortlist of papers which I might present at next week’s journal club. In fairness, it’s still not a very short shortlist, so I should probably dismiss a couple of these before I offer them up to the masses tomorrow…

…but which? I Should trim it down to 3 or 4, so I’m going to lose one of the neutron star papers and… One other? Hmmm…

An atypical bunch, sure, but an interesting bunch all the same. Mostly, I just wanted to find a bunch of things that no one here really researches. After all, the point of a journal club should really be to broaden one’s horizons, and all too often people seem to pick unexciting papers which are a little bit too close to whatever they work on. Astronomy is an exciting field. Why restrict yourself?

Plus, these are interesting topics. Neutron stars… Positronium… Exoplanets… Ok, ok, I’ll admit the black hole starships paper is perhaps a bit silly, but it’s silly in an entertaining and scientifically feasible way! In any case, I’m sure I’ll be able to ramble about one of these things for half an hour without too much difficulty.

I wonder which one I might end up discussing…

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