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I bookmark a lot of things, some of which prove to be more useful than others. In particular, I’ve been looking recently at resources pertaining to stellar spectra and exoplanets. Here are a few of the more interesting links I’ve found…

The FAST Stellar Spectral Atlas

Example spectra for all of the main sequence types of star, as well as a few rarer interesting varieties.

Carbon Stars on Galaxyzoo

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), used by Galaxyzoo to classify galaxies, also catalogued a number of interesting celestial objects. Notably, it catalogued around 500 carbon stars, which people find periodically in the Galaxyzoo images. This thread in the forums has some interesting information.

Hypervelocity Stars on Galaxyzoo

As you may have guessed back when I wrote an article about them, I have a certain fondness for hypervelocity stars. A fair few of these stellar outcasts are also to be found in the SDSS, and there’s a host of information about them in this thread.

Lecture Notes

It’s convenient that with the internet, you can Google for lecture notes on almost any subject you might be interested in. For instance, on stellar spectra:

An Atlas of Stellar Spectra

…from 1943! (The same website has a few other atlases and catalogues listed.)


Archived spectra and images, including spectra from Hubble and XMM (amongst other missions), at a range of wavelengths.

Exoplanet Chemistry

A preprint copy of a book chapter to be published in “Formation and Evolution of Exoplanets”.


A java program for calculating observing times. Available as a java applet or a downloadable .jar file.

…I seem to have been collecting plenty of interesting reading material lately.

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