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Well this is atypical. Me being in for 9am? Most people don’t seem to even be here yet. Another reminder that no matter how much we all grumbled about early morning starts as undergrads, the lecturers were doubtless equally disenamoured with the whole affair.

I’m actually here to sort out my lab demonstration training. Due to communication mix ups a couple of weeks back I wasn’t actually able to attend the proper training session last week. But there’s not an awful lot to go over, to be honest. The bulk of it is going to be tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon is a free block in the lab schedule, which is my chance to run amok and get the hang of all the lovely pieces of equipment like isoteniscopes and cannisters of helium gas. Delicious.

Bizarrely, looking over these first year lab manuals and first year experiments rather brings back some nostalgia of being an undergrad. This should be interesting. Teaching is fun!

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