Astrobiology Reading List

So I’m working on some slides for that public lecture I’m giving next week. I think things are looking good. I know plenty about all of the topics I’m planning on covering. Just a couple of things to brush up on. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you know what you know. You know?

Topics to brush up on:

  • Extremophiles – check
  • Biomarkers/Planetary Spectra – check
  • Mars/Discovery of Methane – check
  • Venusian cloud decks – check
  • Sagan’s Jovian Life – check
  • Europa/Subsurface Ocean – (revise)
  • Titan/Frozen Earth – check
  • Stellar Habitability – (revise)
  • Detecting Alien Vegetation/Oceans – (revise)(revise)

I’ve already written about most of those topics. You’d be amazed at how well things stick in your mind after you write an article about them. Couple of things to revise. Nothing I can’t handle. This should be fun!

Admittedly, I’m also busy writing a paper at the moment. But then, I never had much trouble with multitasking. Actually, I rather enjoy having two things going on at once… Variety. Spice of life, and all of that.


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