Farewell, Hubble…

After the success of mission STS-125, it was time to say goodbye once again to the Hubble Space Telescope (which has actually had it’s own Twitter feed for the duration of the mission!). This video, shot from inside Atlantis, shows it going peacefully on it’s way. Poigniant, as it’s perhaps the last time any human beings will ever see Hubble up close. After this, it only has 5 more years of operation before being retired. Which, in a way, I find rather sad…

On the other hand, it’s been sending us some of the most beautiful images we’ve ever seen for nearly 20 years. What’s more, I’ve no doubt Hubble’s set to send us yet more fascinating science and many more beautiful photos in it’s final years. It’s a historic piece of equipment, and it’s legacy will certainly last a long long time.

Hubble, I salute you!

Video found courtesy of Astropixie

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