Unfamiliar Territory

A lot of people talk about the rush they get from physical excercise. How it’s energising and invigorating, and how they enjoy it for the buzz it gives them. I get that from excercising my mind. Seriously. Although I suppose technically, excercising physics could be called physical excercise too.

My latest line of enquiry has seen me reading up on electromagnetism and electric scalar fields. This is some highly unfamiliar territory for me. I haven’t studied this sort of material properly in years. In fact, seeing as chemistry largely ignores the physics of electromagnetism, I haven’t studied it seriously since before I was an undergrad. As a result, today has been an intensive mental workout. And damn, it feels good!

Now, I should better go and eat some nice antioxidant-rich fruit to counteract all of the free radicals my head has probably generated with all of this thinking.

(Deep down, perhaps I am a physicist after all…)

EDIT– You can tell I’m feeling tired when I use the same adjective 4 times in two paragraphs. What horrible writing! It’s fixed now.

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