TGRWT #16 Roundup

I’ve had a great response to this month’s challenge, and I’ve received a vibrant selection of gastronomical delights from far and wide. So without further ado, here’s what everybody cooked up!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for your mouths to water…

Chicken & Rose Ice Cream

I thought I’d kick off this roundup with something of an oddity. Alex, of Cooking Sideways decided to make chicken and rose ice cream. Seemingly, a combination that people can’t quite decide on. Personally, I’d love to try some… After all, if bacon and egg ice cream can work, why not?

Unnamed Chicken Rose Enchiladas

Stuart Broz, the Kitchen Hacker, put a lot of work into his creation — using stock from the roast chicken with some rose water to make a sauce for this tortilla-based dish. If it tastes as good as it looks, this culinary feat must have been an astounding success!

Really Rosie Chicken Soup with Rice

Dan Garlington of What’s Cookin, Good Lookin’? made a mouthwateringly beautiful soup, illuminated by rose water agar spheres. This dish looks like it was quite an experience to savour.

Roasted chicken with rose foam

Martin, of the famous Khymos made a luscious rose water foam to accompany roast chicken. Subtle and aromatic, complemented with the aroma of diced apple and punctuated by notes of lemon, celery and almonds.

Chik’n-style Seitan with Raspberry Rose Glaze

Micco at xVeganx Party devised a mouthwatering vegan alternative for this dish. I must admit, I was a little worried I might alienate non-carnivores with this choice, but she’s proved quite decisively that I needn’t have been concerned!

Gewürztraminer Chicken with Rose-Raspberry-Sauce and Crusty Camembert Cubes

Yannik Thorsten Heiko Schelske took on this challenge, despite not being a fan of either chicken or rose — with some very successful results, cashing in on the rose-like flavours in Gewürztraminer white wine. I must say, I’ve always been a fan of fried cheese cubes, myself. Nice touch.

“Approximate-sous-vide” soy sauce marinated chicken breasts with chicken/rose risotto and sweet chilli tomato salsa

Erik over at Fooducation decided to keep things simple in this dish, to let the flavours come into the foreground — creating a rose scented risotto to serve with some marinaded chicken.

Djaj Deconstructed

Papin over at Flavor Alchemy didn’t quite get his dish ready in time for the original deadline, due to a first attempt not quite working as planned. That’s no problem here though. I’m a scientist, so I’m quite used to deadline extensions. Heh.

Djaj Deconstructed is an adaption of a moroccan dish called Djaj bel Loz — involving spiced chicken with almonds and honey. And very tasty it looks too!

Rose Firecrackers

Finally, my own dish here on Supernova Condensate. Taking a middle eastern influence and using filo pastry, these spicy little beauties were exquisite. I’ll definitely be using this combination again!

And that’s all for this month. If you’re feeling hungry after reading all that, just imagine how I feel after writing this post!

Thanks to everyone who took part and shared their culinary creations. To anyone else who e-mailed to say they were working on recipes, it’s not too late. Feel free to send them to me and I’ll be happy to include them here.

Now… I think I might sneak off to the kitchen for a midnight snack…

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