My paper. The one I was slaving over for months. It’s been accepted!
With glowing reports from the reviewers too — they only asked for minimal changes!

That really makes up for the nightmarish week I’ve had…

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Molecular astrophysicist, usually found writing frenziedly, staring at the sky, or drinking mojitos.
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26 Responses to w00t!

  1. invaderxan says:

    Hey, it’s all good. Thanks. :)
    As soon as the pre-print’s available, I’ll post a link!

  2. madsophia says:

    awww man, I missed this good news while I was in tahoe! congrats man!

  3. invaderxan says:

    Hell yeah! :)

  4. invaderxan says:

    Really great news! :)

  5. invaderxan says:

    Thanks man. :)

  6. invaderxan says:

    Ah, the dreaded first draft status… Hope that all goes well!

  7. invaderxan says:

    Thank you! :)

  8. invaderxan says:


  9. invaderxan says:

    Thanks, and thanks. :)
    Next week looks to be just as busy, but mercifully less… troubling.

  10. invaderxan says:

    Thank you! I think I can afford to rest on my laurels for a little while, once the final version is all done!

  11. invaderxan says:

    Yeah, it totally made my week! :)

  12. invaderxan says:

    Totally awesome. I proud to have my name on this one, actually!

  13. invaderxan says:

    Thank you!

  14. invaderxan says:


  15. Yay! That’s great news. :)

  16. davidnm says:

    Cool, congratulations!

  17. Congrats. I plan to get a couple of papers up to first draft status next week.

  18. CONGRATS!!! hope next week’s better for you :)

  19. Congrats on a job well done!

  20. pax_athena says:

    That’s really great! Congrats! ^___^

  21. orthoflame says:

    Wow, sounds awesome! Congratulations!! :D

  22. stargzr_htn says:

    Hey! Congratulations!!

  23. That’s very good news – congrats! ^_^

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