RAE 2008

The RAE scores for UK Universities are in!

Frankly, Nottingham seems to have done extremely well. Seemingly, our School of Chemistry is ranked as the second best in the country (after Cambridge — I think that’s not bad!), and the School of Physics and Astronomy is joint second (alongside others such as St Andrews and Cambridge). Bizarrely, the best Physics in the country is apparently done at Lancaster… Or perhaps they’ve just figured out how to work the system.

So the full breakdown for the School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham — 100% of our research is of international standard. 15% is classed as 2* (“recognised internationally”), 55% is classed as 3* (“internationally excellent”) and 30% is classed as 4* (“world-leading”).

The subjects with the highest world-leading scores at Nottingham are:

  • Pharmacy – 35%
  • English Language and Literature – 35%
  • Chemistry – 30%
  • Computer Science and Informatics – 30%
  • Law – 30%
  • Economics and Econometrics – 30%
  • Iberian and Latin American Languages – 30%
  • Primary Care and Other Community Based Clinical Subjects – 30%

I feel quite proud, actually…

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