The Plan

So one of the reasons I’ve been so busy lately is that I have a paper deadline to work to! This is quite exciting, because it’s actually my first paper. Assuming it gets accepted. Which it will.

So Amit and I have been computing things. We’ve agreed on a selection of interstellar molecules to run calculations on (not too many, or it’ll be a push to get everything done in time!) and a plan of action. By the end of Saturday, I should have all of my files uploaded to Ganymede and ready to run. These should all be finished over Christmas (I can easily submit them to the queue and forget about them for a week). Then Amit and I are planning to meet up after Christmas to plan how/what is going to be written. The plan then is that I can get started making diagrams and plots, and start drafting the paper out while he’s away in Hawaii observing (for most of January). All going according to plan, this leaves the end of January to finalise the paper and get everything sorted out for the submission deadline in February. Then all we have to do is sit back and wait to see our results in print. Assuming it gets accepted. Which it will.

Actually, it’s been good to be Amit’s padawan on this. It’s been nice having a deadline and needing to figure things out. A swift three month crash course in how to write a theoretical chemistry paper. My head’s still swimming a bit, but I know what I’m doing. More importantly, I know what needs to be done. To be honest, it’s been kinda fun. I could get used to this…

My set of calculations for one molecule are complete. Another set for another molecule are in the process of calculating (but are nearly complete). One set were actually done by Amit around the time he was doing his last paper. That leaves us with two to sort out. Who knows — this paper might even shed some light on the Diffuse Interstellar Band problem. I’m not holding out any hopes (mainly because of how many have tried and failed), but you never know. For now though, I’m just enjoying working towards my first paper.

Assuming it gets accepted.
Which it will.

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