Well that’s interesting… It’s the end of the month and this is actually the first I’ve heard of this particular little writing fest.

Nice idea actually, I must say — especially as anyone with a desk at a University (regardless what level they’re at) always ends up spending their life perpetually writing!

First, a little background: International acaDemic Writing Month is the academic’s answer to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. It was originally created by StyleyGeek as International Dissertation Writing Month, but because so many of us who had already finished our degrees were interested in a little challenge, the D was loosely interpreted as acaDemic. This means that you can write your dissertation, a book chapter, an article, a grant proposal – anything goes, as long as it is academic. I hosted InaDWriMo 2007, and it was great fun, and it seems that you crazy kids want to do it again. So here we go!

The rules:

  1. You decide how much you want to write, and how you will keep track of it. I encourage you to make this goal challenging but not so unobtainable that you depress yourself.
  2. You can decide if you want to include revisions in your word count.
  3. Keep track on your blog, maybe using a writing meter like this one or this one.
  4. I will ask you all report your progress here, every Saturday for the month of November.
  5. On November 30, we will see how we’ve all done.
  6. Original postDr Brazen Hussy.

In fairness, I don’t really have anything to write at the moment, academically speaking. Unless you count input files (and I wouldn’t). Though it’s obvious to me now that my technical writing… needs work. Perhaps this would be a useful excercise for the future…

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