Einstein and Eddington

BBC’s Einstein and Eddington aired last night. I quite enjoyed it! I’m sure they used a fair amount of artistic licence on the actual story, but it was certainly a good watch. Quite well written, too, with a couple of poigniant notes about what science should actually be about. There’s a little humour in there especially for academics too — “What are his [Einstein’s] references?”.

Being as the lead actors were David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Andy Serkis (Smeagol), they were fairly restrained in their roles as Eddington and Einstein respectively. I could attempt to wax lyrical on it for a while, but I’m not really much of a film critic. All I’ll say is — if you’re interested in the history of science, you should give it a watch. In fact, what the hell, you should anyway!

It’s currently available for viewing on iPlayer though regrettably, you probably won’t be able to see it if you’re outside the UK. You might be able to fool it with a UK proxy address (not that that’s actually legal) though…

The real Einstein and Eddington

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4 Responses to Einstein and Eddington

  1. invaderxan says:

    Heheheh… To be honest, it took me a while to remember who Andy Serkis was — he does a good job of being a wacky physicist.
    Amusingly, there is actually a type of astronomical phenomenon called an Einstein ring. Yesss preciousss, so there is. Try to steal it from usss, they did. Nasty physssicisssts… :P
    By the by, you may have no TV, but click that link above to watch it on iPlayer. Just make yourself comfortable first — it’s an hour and a half long.
    And no, I haven’t seen that preview yet!
    I’ll have a look this evening. :)

  2. dr_psycho says:

    I’m sorry, SMEAGOL AS EINSTEIN!! Now I still don’t have a TV, but how can you get past “Its relative my preciousss yess, relative it is. We wants it in our frame of referenceses” wispering in the back of your head the whole time! Very cool!
    NB. Seen “The Next Doctor” Preview? If not youtube =)

  3. invaderxan says:

    Unfortunately, without a UK IP address you won’t be able to get BBC iPlayer — which kinda sucks, but I suppose it’s fair enough…
    Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll show it on BBC America soon enough. :)

  4. stargzr_htn says:

    Hmm … I wonder when & how we can see this across the pond? I have looked on the BBC America DVS web site & not found it.

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