So it seems, my blog now has a Facebook page. With a wall and everything. Which is somehow bizarre and amusing all at the same time.

Even if Facebook doesn’t yet believe that I am who I say I am…

EDIT — I’m all verified now! Much better. Thanks to anyone who I had to pester to help confirm my identity (hell, who really bothers with application invitations anyway?).

Oh, and for the record, it’s not a fan page (creating your own fan page would be horribly egotistical, wouldn’t it?) — it’s a new application called Blog Networks. It’s a bit new, so there’s not much there yet, but it’s still well worth a look if you enjoy reading other people’s rantings.

Ah, Facebook. It’s like some kind of weird internet chameleon…

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Molecular astrophysicist, usually found writing frenziedly, staring at the sky, or drinking mojitos.
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