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Pumpkin volatiles

Because it’s seasonal… Food pairing with pumpkins! The major classes of compound that flavour fresh pumpkins are aliphatic alcohols and carbonyls, furan derivatives and sulfur-containing compounds. Major constituents (and foods that will match them) are: (Z)-3-hexenol – broccoli, sweet peppers … Continue reading

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Supernova Condensate

So this blog’s called Supernova Condensate, but I realise I’ve never actually written about supernova condensate! Time to fix that, I think… Supernova condensate, often abbreviated to SuNoCon (which sounds like it should be a convention somewhere), is exactly that. … Continue reading

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AGB News!

Is it wrong to be excited that the latest issue of AGB news is out? (Yeah, I’m a nerd. And…?)

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