Space Coffee

Leave it to those wonderful costa ricans with their fine coffee blends to invent the best way to drink coffee in space!

Picture the scene. It’s 7am (Greenwich Mean Time) and you drift into consciousness. You unclip yourself from your bunk, have a good stretch in zero gravity (which must feel really nice!) and think about all of the science you need to do before the Soyuz comes to take you home next week. What you could really do with to start the day is a good cup of coffee while you watch planet Earth 350km below you. Sadly, you’re in space, and neither caffetière nor espresso moka pot works in zero gravity. If only there was some way you could enjoy a real coffee instead of a bag full of microwaved instant. After all, any good scientist enjoys a good cup of coffee.*

Well, courtesy of some engineering students (Daniel Rozen and Josue Solano) from said coffee producing nation, now you can have real coffee regardless of how little gravity there is. The coffee insfuser heats water to a perfect 90°C, before injecting it into a container of genuine ground coffee.

Now finally, astronauts can enjoy a cup (or more likely a bag) of fresh coffee while watching an orbital sunrise! Well… they will eventually. If and when weight restrictions allow it. It seems to me, you have to get your priorities straight. Good coffee should be a priority in my books.

After all, if the koreans can spend years developing a version of kimchi suitable for eating in space, why not coffee? Space exploration needn’t have to involve leaving planet Earth behind!

*Actually, I know a fair few scientists who don’t like coffee much, but work with me here!

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