The Autumn Semester starts today — so when I saw this, I just had to post it!

Bless their little cotton socks…

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6 Responses to Freshers…

  1. Let me put in perspective. Graduation and Doctoral Hoodings are on December 15th this fall. Does that answer your question? ;)

  2. invaderxan says:

    Oh, some of ’em are, with their permanently confused expressions and their inability to find anything (which, in the case of the Engineering department, is actually understandable). :)

  3. invaderxan says:

    I think I’m gonna try and make one. :D
    Yeah, it varies from Uni to Uni, but we usually start in the second half of September. Wait, if you guys start earlier, does that mean your undergrads get to have their exams before Christmas…?

  4. pax_athena says:

    *ggg* But I’m afraid that I think freshies to be cute. At least the physics/astronomy ones – though I’m not so sure about economics or teaching ;)

  5. 1. I want that button!
    2. Your fall semester JUST started today!? WOW! We started over a month ago!

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