Now look. This isn’t an anti-religious thing — creationism is simply not science.

I have no problem with beliefs. People may believe whatever they wish (yes, even Flat Earthers), but they should be given a proper education on what others believe so they can make an educated choice. What’s more, children shouldn’t be confused by teaching religion as science or vice versa. What would happen if you started learning English Literature dressed up as Maths? Or Geography in an art lesson?

Am I the only person left on this planet who remembers being raised as a Christian and being taught evolution? Seriously, as a child, I was really quite pious. I went to church, I went to Sunday school, I was a member of various christian youth groups… I even played the trumpet in church, for crying out loud!

But one thing that was never an issue back then was evolution. The two things were separate entities, and they weren’t immiscible either. None of us thought anything of being religious and being taught evolution.

Now I’m not a cynic or a skeptic (well, maybe a cynic…) and my present theistic beliefs aside, creationism is a religious belief not a scientific one.

Professor Michael Reiss says that if pupils have strongly-held family beliefs about creationism such ideas should be explored.

Rather than dismissing creationism as a “misconception”, he says it should be seen as a cultural “world view”.

And that’s what RE lessons were for. Don’t kids have Religious Education anymore? A cultural world view is not science. I’m sorry, but it isn’t.

I wonder what would happen if someone suggested teaching evolution in Sunday school… because that’s logically equivalent.
(For the record, I’d oppose that just as vehemently!)

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