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Fermi Gamma Ray Map

It seems to be everywhere on the web at the moment… But it’s easy to see why! First light from Fermi. A postcard of the Universe seen in gamma rays. How cool is that?

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Extrasolar Kuiper Belt

This interested me. Astronomers in Baltimore (led by Christine Chen) have managed to image what they believe to be a Kuiper Belt around another star. HD 181327 in the constellation of Pictor is a young Sun-like star 165 light years … Continue reading

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Space Travel: Not for the likes of you?

“It’s always science fiction until someone goes out and does it” Depressingly, it seems a number of scientists and academics have largely written off the possibiity of interstellar travel. The gist of the conversation seems to be on prohibitive costs, … Continue reading

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Snack Foods

Some days, the thing I like most about the University is how multicultural the place is… Other days, I just like the resulting interesting snack foods you can buy at the Student Union.

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On the perils of being multidisciplinary…

I sometimes wonder if perhaps I’m stretching myself too thin. My reading list currently contains two books and enough papers to constitute at least one more book in their own right. Currently, it’s a jumbled mélange of mineralogy, organic chemistry, … Continue reading

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Foodstuffs meme

So I’m breaking my usual “no memes” rule for this one. Because it’s interesting. — yoinked from dogs_n_rodents

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Extraterrestrial Nucleobases?

This is interesting… An international group of researchers (UK, USA, Netherlands) have apparently confirmed the presence of two primitive nucleobases in meteorite samples. The Murcheson Meteorite crash landed in Australia nearly 50 years ago, and has been pored over by … Continue reading

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Telluric Infuriation…

I keep staying up late to try and see the Perseid meteor shower, but the sky here has been full of clouds for days. The peak’s already gone, though there should be at least a week more until they slow … Continue reading

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Purely because I haven’t posted this here yet… It’s old, but still pretty funny. Definitions of terms commonly used in academia It has long been known: I didn’t look up the original reference. A trend is evident: These data are … Continue reading

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Dust to dust

This is a piece of genuine circumstellar dust. A tiny grain (just ten microns long) of silicates, glasses and carbon. Stars are dusty things. They form from gas and dust, and they spew out gas and dust throughout their lives … Continue reading

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