Space Travel Rant #1

Ok, so I’ll freely admit to being a bit cynical about the current state of space travel. Basically, anyone who wants to go into space has about 4 options. There are the three remaining American Space Shuttles, the youngest of which is over 15 years old, the relatively new (5 year old) Russian Soyuz-TMA, the little used Chinese Shenzhou or Virgin Galactic’s soon-to-be passenger craft, Spaceship Two.

To be honest, I’m not certain any of them are all they’re cracked up to be. The imaginatively named Spaceship Two is the only one not to be launched with a ridiculously large rocket, but can’t really do much except show you the Earth (which admittedly, is still pretty cool). The others are not exactly without their faults – which I won’t reference, seeing as they were all international news. As manned spacecraft go, these are all about as close to a luxury cruise liner as a jet ski. Yes that sounds harsh, but basic crew space with basic means of steering and propulsion is pretty much all a Soyuz is. A Space shuttle… I’d be willing to compare that to a basic motorboat. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty fantastic feats of engineering in themselves but seeing as humans went to the moon almost 40 years ago, you’d think we would’ve progressed a bit more than we have, surely. In 40 years, we’ve invented the internet (essential so that people like me can rant like this), created computers that fit into people’s pockets and ways of using the internet from them. We’ve recreated the conditions found at the dawn of the universe, invented robot vacuum cleaners, learned how to use satellites to not only pinpoint where we are on the planet but show us where to go…

So why are we still using basic spaceship designs from over 20 years ago? Curious, isn’t it?
Especially when it’s not like wonderful new technologies for use in spacecraft haven’t been developed…

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