Lunar Radio Telescopes!

I’ve been saying they should do this for years. It turns out, other people have been thinking the same thing. There’s talk of setting up a conservation area on the moon’s far side. Being remarkably well shielded from all the electronic noise emanating from Earth, it would most certainly be an ideal spot for radio telescopes. In particular, the Daedelus Crater has been proposed as a potential site for a radio astronomy base. Being a crater basin, it’s already virtually a natural radio dish. Perhaps in the future, several craters on the moon’s farside could be used as radio astronomical bases and linked together. Imagine the resolution that could be attained by using the entire dark side of the moon as an interferometer! That would equate to a radio dish over 2 million square kilometers in size.

In typical beurocratic style, however, the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs would need to set up a legal framework before any plans could be made. This apparently can take “years, sometimes decades”. Maybe my dreams of working at a lunar telescope might have to wait a while. Patience before progress, kids, patience before progress.
Though the fact that such an office even exists shows that we are, at least, looking in the right direction.

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