It’s strange… So after slashing £80 million from the physics and astronomy budget, the BNSC release a document stating that space technology contributes £7 billion per annum to the British economy. That makes £80 million look like pocket money! So why after such a ridiculous cut, is there suddenly a push for a British space program? There’s a proposed lunar probe called MoonLITE, which may yet become a joint mission between the BNSC and NASA. Plans also apparently include manned spaceflight, but… where is the money coming from for this? And if the return from space is so high, why do they need to take it from astronomy? It’s strange.

It’s especially strange because… I don’t know how to feel about it. I never thought I’d ever feel the slightest bit of opposition towards either spaceflight or lunar exploration, but… somehow this doesn’t feel quite right.

I suppose I can always hope that they decide to build a telescope on the moon.
Actually that’s not a bad idea. Telescope on the moon. That’d be cool…


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