Brain Freeze

I think I’m having one of those days. Forgetting that I needed to pay for the cup of tea I got from the refectory should’ve been a clue. So should stumbling over my own words a few times. Obviously, being of the frozen brain mentality, I didn’t actually realise this until I walked to the library and realised I’d left my wallet (and hence, my library card) on my desk. This wasn’t the first thing I’d left behind. I’d previously already left my office and had to go back for my iPod and a book I said I’d return.
Ho hum.

Still, on a positive note, I did attend the most interesting physical chemistry seminar I’ve been to yet. Relevant too, seeing as it was all about radical pairs (coincidentally, something I’ve been looking into recently). Actually, I think the effects of a weak magnetic field on spin chemistry could be worth investigating further, especially when looking at circumstellar environments. In other news, I have a couple of papers to look up, and I’ve requested a couple of theses from the library (by my predecessors, Paul Boichat and Radmila Topalovic).

Now, I just need to get the lowdown on exactly how IRAF works, and all will be good.

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