So I currently have about 5kg worth of books to be reading through, with the goal of familiarising myself with all things spectroscopic. Where quantum spectra go, it seems I still have a number of basic terms that need a bit of work (such as the difference between rotational lines and rotational transitions). All in due time. I’m currently debating whether or not I actually need to take any more taught modules. Perhaps my time would be better spent reading on my own time about the specific subjects I need to know. Suffice to say that my research project and occasional Grad School modules are all I now need. What my research project will actually be still remains to be decided, but it’s almost certainly going to concern circumstellar carbon chemistry.

Reading list:

  • Modern Spectroscopy
    J. Michael Hollas
  • The Spectroscopy of Flames
    A. G. Gaydon DSc
  • The Chemistry of Fireworks
    Michael S. Russell

Looking at that list, anyone would think I was a pyromaniac or something… It’s always good to read about what interests you!

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