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Baby Pictures…

It seems somehow humbling… This is an image of a baby star. Isn’t it cute? It’s name is L1157 and it’s only a few thousand years old, which in star terms is practically newborn. Young stellar objects like this one … Continue reading

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Ancient Greek Computers…

So this afternoon’s astronomy seminar was by a guest speaker, Mike Edmunds of Cardiff University, on what I can honestly say is the most fascinating artefact from the ancient world ever discovered. The Antikythera Mechanism, as it’s been dubbed, dates … Continue reading

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Book Addiction

It’s so nice having a library at your disposal… I’ve already borrowed my full quota of 12 books! Two books on fullerenes and carbon chemisry, seven astrophysics/astrochemistry books, one molecular quantum mechanics textbook, a solid state chemistry textbook and a … Continue reading

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Stellar Mood Swings

Seeing as my spare time has been spent reading up about stars and stellar phenomena, this seemed appropriate. NASA’s photo of the day (in negative here) is of the Solar cycle. Over a period of roughly 11 years, the Sun … Continue reading

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