H plus H plus equals H two plus plus h nu

I just like how nonsensical that sounds. It makes much more sense when you write it out properly…
H + H+ → H2+ + hν
In other words, I’m on to astrophysical revision. Solid State and Quantum Chemistry are both almost wrapped up. Rough notes and plans are all done, and all I have left to do is to write up the smart notes.

I have a system for note taking… Kind of a flow of information, if you will. If being an undergrad taught me anything, this is it.

  • Primary Source – books, lectures, etc.
  • Copied Notes – Simple, linear and relatively disorganised
  • Rough Notes – Transcribed and ordered from the copied notes
  • Skeleton – Identify key topics and areas and map out how they fit together
  • Smart Notes – Drawn out as mind maps. Organised according to topics and related topics

Yeah, maybe it seems like warped thinking to actually write out more or less the same notes 3 times over, but believe me — by the third time, it should be carved somewhere into your memory. Hopefully, permanently.

Now where was I…? Ah yes… Radioastronomy and carbon monoxide…

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